Thursday, 12 February 2015

About me

My name is Nirvana, I am in year 6 at Glenbrae School. My teacher's name is Mrs Parker. My favourite subjects in school are maths and writing and when I leave Glenbrae School I am going to start high school then move onto my next job at university then become a police woman. I am in Nikau House which has a blue banner and my favourite colour is blue and my sport is soccer.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Recount by Nirvana

On Wednesday we went to the bus stop and my mum went home because she forgot something.

My aunty, Anne, Mum and I caught the but to town to buy my new shoes. When we arrived we went to the shop and bought my shoes. I chose a light green pair of sneakers.

After we bought my shoes we went to my cousin's house and I played games with my cousins and then we returned home.

I had a good day. I was happy I got new shoes and got to play with my cousins.